Hamilton Heights Book

Well…like everyone else on planet earth, 2020 was all about trying to find one’s “new normal” and survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, we are on our way to resuming life in a healthy and safe way. Somewhere along the way during lockdown, washing my hands a million times and buying too many versions of masks, I began to reflect on my old Harlem Neighborhood in Sugar Hill. I am fairly certain it was after seeing the screen version of “Hamilton” on TV. I had already seen the play at The Pantages in Hollywood, both fabulous.

I started gathering my thoughts, making some notes, writing a few drafts, researching grants and publishers…all with the end goal that I became inspired to write a historical nonfiction book about the beautiful Hamilton Heights AND Sugar Hill Neighborhood I called home as a young woman many decades ago.

So that’s what I am doing. Starting with George Washington camped out in 1776 a very short distance from my old apartment to living six blocks from Alexander Hamilton’s old home – The Grange – I hope to do justice to the history of this lovely neighborhood. Fingers crossed.

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