davida cropThank you for finding your way to my author page. We lovers of the written word have so many choices as to which authors to support, which genres we like, and which new books to explore. And is there anything more exciting than discovering a new author?

I’ve been very blessed to have words – writing them, editing and reading them – as a huge part of my life for the better part of my life. I consider it a privilege to be a writer. And I feel just as blessed to be an avid reader. I believe the two go together. So I hope that you enjoy exploring my work.



senior services cover 022718JUST RELEASED!

My new book “Senior Services for the Financially Challenged” is now available on Amazon.com in both the print and Kindle versions, and should be in the Barnes & Noble system soon. The book guides readers through accessing an array of social services available to low-income families. It helps guide them through finding Assisted Living Facilities that can be paid for by Medicaid and getting free help in their homes from the Department of Aging. Please buy a copy today and share on your social networks to help get this important information into the hands of struggling families and caregivers.



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On July 15, 2017,  I had a first table read of my new play “Just a Note” at the James Bridges Theater at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and TV.  It is my first foray into writing for the stage, but I am encouraged to see where this leads. Please contact me if you are interested in staging it.




PURCHASING MY BOOKS: In the world of self-published authors, Amazon.com has now established this wonderful platform – Createspace – to help us realize our vision of being published. You can find my books on Amazon.com.

“The South Africa of His Heart” is my first memoir, published in 2007. It covers selected aspects of a thirty-year period in my life – starting at age twenty-two. It concentrates mostly on my relationship with my first husband, a South African expatriate during apartheid. “Life in Brief” Is a collection of my short stories.

The South Africa of His Heart





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